Tommy Bagwell:

The Business of Great Hair

Actual patient who had a hair transplant.
Owner, Fleur Salon

You don’t just want more hair, you want it in just the right places and to look completely natural. Like Tommy, who wanted to fill in his frontal hairline and temple area. We transplanted 1500 follicular unit grafts with the Harris S.A.F.E.TM System – a revolutionary technique and device invented and patented by Dr. Harris.


Hair Matters

Tommy discuss the emotions around hair loss and why choosing to get a hair transplant procedure was right for him.

Before and After Surgery





The Procedure

Tommy's opted for a hair transplant procedure to increase the frontal hairline and temple area.  Dr. James Harris recommended No-Shave FUE with the S.A.F.E. System. 1500 follicular unit grafts were transplanted.

Ask The Experts

Deciding whether hair restoration surgery is the right choice for you may generate a list of questions. Just ask!

An Interview with Tommy

Tommy Bagwell looks at himself in the mirror all day.

No, he’s not that vain; he’s a highly regarded hairdresser and co-owner of Denver’s Fleur Salon. As he cuts and colors and styles the hair of his clients, he also sees himself, and his hair, in the mirror at his station. And over time, he came to be less happy with the image looking back.

“I’ve always had a rather high hairline; then I saw the thinning above my temples getting more and more noticeable. So I’d been thinking about having a hair transplant for a few years before I went to the Hair Sciences Center in early 2018.”

Tommy did a lot of research on hair transplantation, HSC and other providers before he came in for a consultation. “I was really impressed with what I read about Dr. Harris and his involvement in creating innovative procedures and surgical tools,” he says.

He confesses that he was still a bit nervous when he first walked into HSC, but those concerns quickly abated. “Everyone was so nice! They made me feel very comfortable. It was all very relaxed but still very professional. And Dr. Harris was so easy to talk to.”

The next step was working with the staff and Dr. Harris to determine the type of procedure. “I’m the kind of person who knows what I want. I wanted to fill in those thinning areas and also hoped to lower my hairline a bit in front, where I wasn’t really thinning.” Together, the team and Tommy opted for the No-Shave FUE with the S.A.F.E. System.

The procedure, which took most of a day, “time seemed to just fly by. I had a form of sedation that helped me feel very relaxed, and there was lovely calming music playing. I was a bit nervous about it at first but in fact, it was pretty pleasant!”

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