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The Patented Harris S.A.F.E™ SYSTEM

The Harris S.A.F.E™ (Surgically Advanced Follicular Excision) System and the S.A.F.E. Hex dissection tip is an innovative, proprietary technology that improves on the existing methodology for FUE (Follicular Unit Excision). It was invented and patented by Dr. James Harris and is now used by hair transplant physicians around the world. Dr. Harris won the prestigious Golden Follicle Award in 2014, awarded to one hair surgeon annually throughout the world. He received this honor for his outstanding contributions to the field of hair restoration surgery and his pioneering work in FUE and the development of the Harris S.A.F.E™ System. The Harris S.A.F.E™ System is also an integral part of the ARTAS™ robotic transplant technology. Schedule a personalized consultation today to discuss a best treatment for hair loss given your specific circumstances.

Why it works  Safe System

This breakthrough technology enables Dr. Harris to perform precise follicular excision without unnecessary follicular damage and the resulting loss that is often associated with traditional FUE. It significantly increases the number of grafts that can be transplanted a single day.

For patients who lack available scalp hair, the Harris S.A.F.E™ System allows us to harvest hairs from body areas such as the beard, chest, or abdomen. Because the quality and survival rates of body hair grafts is not as good as scalp hair grafts its use is only recommended as a last resort. Dr. Harris will discuss the appropriate use of body hair with you during the consultation.

Those who benefit

  • Virtually 100% of candidates for hair restoration, including African Americans and patients with gray hair.
  • This technique is especially valuable for patients that would like to wear their hair short, less than ½ inch.
  • Anyone interested in minimizing follicle damage.

Optimal outcomes can be achieved only if the harvested follicular units are healthy and whole. Studies show that inexperienced surgeons using the standard FUE technique may damage more than 20-30% of the hair follicles they remove. The comprehensive S.A.F.E™ System developed by Dr. Harris, has been proven to help reduce follicle damage to as low as 2.8% or less.

With the patented Harris S.A.F.E™ System virtually 100% of patients are candidates for surgery. Advantages include:

  • Average more then 2,000 grafts per session

  • Less scarring and discomfort

  • Minimizes graft trauma

  • Low transection rate of 2.8%

  • Increased donor hair is available due to less follicle damage

  • Increases the number of good candidates for FUE

  • No linear scarring

  • Decreased post-operative pain

  • Reduced healing time

  • Virtually 100% of patients are candidates

  • Donor capacity is increased, as diminished scalp laxity is no longer an issue

  • More natural-looking hairlines are possible, because the surgeon can select hair characteristics in addition to the number of hairs for placement. Specifically, the finer hair found at the nape of the neck or behind the ear can now be selected and transplanted

  • Avoids donor-strip surgery

  • This system is available to FOX Negative® patients

  • Ideal for the patient who has been told nothing else can be done

Important information if you’re considering a S.A.F.E™ System FUE Procedure

  1. We are often asked whether a patient should choose the Harris S.A.F.E™ System FUE or an ARTAS FUE. The primary reason for someone to elect to have the S.A.F.E™ System rather than ARTAS is that this method does not require that the donor area be shaved. This is accomplished by what we call the Individual Follicular Trim (IFT). This is where the patient is brought in to the office the day before the procedure and the hairs of the individual grafts to be extracted are trimmed short and the remaining hairs are left long. The long remaining hairs will cover the excision sites making the donor sites undetectable. 

  2. If you’re having a procedure that requires 2000 grafts or more the procedure will be performed over two consecutive days. The reason for this is that procedure can be lengthy and to ensure maximum patient comfort we limit the number of grafts each day. The second reason is that we want to minimize the length of time that the grafts are out of the donor area before implantation. Over the past 7 years working with the ARTAS system we have found this to work very well for the grafts and the patient.    

To learn more on the topic of hair loss, hair growth and hair restoration cost, please see the series of informative hair transplant videos made by Dr. Harris.

If you are considering a hair transplant, you will find no one more qualified or experienced to conduct the procedure than the team at the Hair Sciences Center. Dr. Harris is an internationally renowned surgeon, an award-winning inventor and innovator, a pioneer in FUE technology and an advocate for patient care. He answers all patient questions and performs all procedures himself. Learn more about Dr. James Harris or ask the experts a question about the proprietary Harris S.A.F.E™ System technology.