Hair Sciences Center - A RESTORE Partner

James A Harris MD, FISHRS
Shelly Lovitt, MD
In case of an emergency, call Dr. Harris
at 303-694-9381 Ext. 9


In the next couple days, it is extremely important that you completely eliminate the following things:

  • Alcohol (includes beer, wine, any other alcoholic beverages, etc.). This thins your blood and can affect your procedure. Do not consume alcohol!
  • Over the counter medications/vitamins/supplements (includes multi-vitamins, protein shakes, fat burners, ibuprofen, etc.). Tylenol is OK.

These things can contribute to the thinning of blood.

On the morning of your procedure, please only eat the following items: toast, fruit, juice, oatmeal, milk, eggs (unsalted). No coffee or salted butter.

You should still continue to take anything that is prescribed to you, unless we have asked you otherwise, especially any blood pressure medications.

If you have any questions, call (303) 694-9381.

Thank you in advance for helping ensure a smooth procedure day. We look forward to seeing you!