Money Can't Buy Me Love,
But It Can Buy Me Back
My Hair.

Hair transplant cost

How much does a hair transplant cost?

Every patient experiences different levels of hair loss. For that reason, please fill out the form so we can deliver a quick, highly personalized, no-pressure quote that is based on your very specific set of needs. We also have payment plans available which require no money down with payments starting around $138 per month.

We care about delivering the best result that is custom-tailored to your needs. The exact cost of your hair restoration will be determined by the following: your hair loss, remaining donor hair, hair characteristics, and desired results.

Learn about our flexible payment plans at your consultation.

The hair transplant cost is determined by several factors:

  • The method of graft harvest: ARTAS robot FUE, Harris S.A.F.E. System FUE, or strip harvest
  • The number of grafts that you require in a surgery session based on the extent of your hair loss
  • Your desire for density
  • Personal hair characteristics that influence the appearance of density

The fact that every client’s condition and procedure is unique makes it necessary to schedule a visit with Dr. Harris to gauge your exact situation. If you’re interested in understanding your options and obtaining a cost estimate, schedule a consultation today.

At your consultation, you will be given a complete exam and a thorough assessment. and we will answer any questions or concerns you have, including those related to cost. We plan to be your doctor for life—it is therefore very important that you understand the planning process, the probability of future hair loss, and how that has an impact on the number of surgeries, the eventual outcome and the expense of achieving the results you have in mind.

Financing your hair transplant surgery

The Hair Sciences Center of Colorado accepts all credit cards as one method of financing your surgery. Another method is through one of the largest medical financing companies, Green Sky We are pleased to offer this option and you can visit their website here to view the terms available including some interest free options.

What is included in the initial consultation?

This is a medical consultation to review your medical history, assess your hair loss, determine the diagnosis and discuss your treatment options. During the consultation, you will have plenty of time to have your questions answered. We want you to be fully informed and comfortable with your decision.