Hair Survival Program

“There are so many young men and women who come into my clinic concerned about their hair loss and surgery may not be the best option. I know how to help them save their hair and prevent hair loss in the first place. My determination to do just that inspired this simple program.” – James A. Harris, MD

You will never have more hair on your head than you do today, and by employing this multi-faceted approach you can slow, stop or even reverse hair loss. In short, the Hair Survival Program:

  • Helps you keep the hair you have for as long as possible and gives you the best chance of re-growing hair.
  • Preserves donor hair if needed for a hair transplant in the future. Over time donor hair can thin, but the medications included in this program help preserve the donor hair.

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Program Details

Who is a candidate for the Hair Survival Program?

Men and women who have begun to notice the first signs of hair loss. This can happen as young as one's early 20s or as old as your late 80s.

  • Ideal for young men (18 years to 30) starting to lose their hair
  • Women (All ages)
  • Post-surgical men and women
  • Anybody who cares about slowing their hair loss
How does the Hair Survival Program work?

The Hair Survival Program is easy to implement, physician supervised and based on the science of hair loss. Most importantly, it provides proven processes and tools to help you slow or stop your hair loss.

Program includes:

For Men

For Women

Annual Program includes:


Medical Evaluation

Meet with the doctor to carefully evaluate and discuss your condition, level of hair loss and determine your eligibility for the program.

Program includes: One annual meeting with the doctor and email access to the doctor and team if you have any questions. Patients who have seen the doctor within a year of starting the program can begin the program immediately.

For Men
For Women


HairCheck Evaluation

HairCheck is a patented device that allows us to measure the degree of hair growth or loss over a period of time. Measurements are made in three specific areas of the scalp and the Hair Mass Index (HMI) values are recorded to compare against future or past measurements in the same locations.

Program includes: One hair mass measurement as you begin the program and then annually thereafter.

For Men
For Women


Baseline and Progress Photos

Photos will be taken as you begin the program and annually thereafter to evaluate hair quality, track progress and determine ongoing treatment.

Program includes: One set of progress photos annually.

For Men
For Women



Platelet Rich Plasma, also know as PRP is a non-surgical therapeutic hair restoration treatment. PRP has been in use in the medical field for two decades and offers promising potential for stimulating hair growth.

Program includes: One PRP treatment annually.
Sold Individually: $1,600 for first treatment, $1,100 for subsequent treatments.
Performed on Day of Surgery: $800

For Men
For Women


Theradome Laser Helmet

You will receive a hands-free cool-laser Theradome™ unit for at-home treatment of hair loss. In clinical studies, most participants using the Theradome™ for 20 minutes a day experienced a decrease in hair loss and an increase in hair follicle size.

Program includes: One Theradome Laser Helmet.

For Men
For Women


Finasteride (Known as Propecia® or Proscar®)

Finasteride, a prescription medication, is an effective treatment for men with hair loss. Research has indicated that approximately 65% of men, who take this medication consistently, will experience a reduction in hair loss and even re-growth of miniaturized hair.

Program includes: One-year supply of Finasteride, 1mg tablets .

For Men
For Women


5% Minoxidil Foam (Known as Rogaine®)

Minoxidil is an over-the-counter topical medication for hair loss. Research has indicated that approximately 50% - 60% of men and women who apply this medication consistently, will experience some reduction in hair loss and possible re-growth of miniaturized hairs.

Program includes: One-year supply of 5% Minoxidil foam.

For Men
For Women


2% Ketoconazole Shampoo (Known as 2% Nizoral® Shampoo)

Available only by prescription for men and women, and is topically applied. It acts in blocking hormones in the follicle. This replaces the shampoo you might currently be using. You can use conditioners or styling products as you have before.

Program includes: One-year supply of 2% Ketoconazole Shampoo.

For Men
For Women


On-Going Oversight

Patients have access to the physician and team to answer questions, concerns and provide support.

Program includes: Access to email and phone support.

For Men
For Women
Hair Survival Program costs:

For Men

For Women

For Men

(Actual Value: $3,500)

For Women

(Actual Value: $2,800)

Subsequent Years:
For Men

(Actual Value: $2,700)

For Women

(Actual Value: $2,000)

Please note: Program may include shipping costs, handling costs & taxes.

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