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To Speak Or Not To Speak?
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Hair restoration consultations

Don’t let anyone touch a hair on your head without a personal hair restoration consultation with the physician who will actually be performing the procedure. Speaking personally with the doctor is crucial because it is during this visit that we diagnose your condition and provide medical, and, if appropriate, surgical options unique to you and tailored to your individual circumstances. Schedule a personalized consultation with Dr. Harris or Dr. Lovitt. Consultations include a medical evaluation and diagnosis, a discussion of personal goals and a review of medical and surgical treatment options. Cost: $75.00.

We can discuss the medical treatments and explain what you can expect from the surgery and answer any questions that you may have regarding the procedure. For our out of state and international patients if you are unable to visit our office for an in-person consultation, a phone consultation can be arranged. We will ask you to send photos of your hair and scalp so that Dr. Harris can discuss the possible treatments for your unique situation.

If you are considering a hair restoration, you will find no one more qualified or experienced physician and team to conduct the procedure than  at the Hair Sciences Center. Dr. Harris is an internationally renowned surgeon, an award-winning inventor and innovator, a pioneer in FUE technology and an advocate for patient care. He answers all patient questions and performs all procedures himself. Learn more about Dr. James Harris or schedule a consultation with Dr. Harris now. He personally answers every inquiry.

Accelerated Surgery Option

Please note that if you’ve had a previous consultation or hair transplant surgery, we can immediately reserve a surgery date as we plan your next procedure. Get started now