Check, Please.

Hair check

You may have incurred considerable cost over the years on creams, shampoos, foams and pills to stop hair loss or reverse your hair loss. The problem with these non-surgical, medical hair loss treatments is that it’s often confounding to detect a positive response to a medical treatment. To put it simply, how do you know if this stuff is working?

Traditionally the physician would take photographs to track progress (or lack thereof), or rely on the patient’s subjective reports. Unfortunately photographs are notoriously inaccurate due to changes in hair length, styling, color, and lighting over the time period between photos. Subjective patient accounts are just that—subjective.

A patented new device called HairCheck has now given us a tool to measure the degree of hair growth or loss over a period of time. The technique is accurate and objective. Schedule a personalized consultation with Dr. Harris today to learn more.

The hair check device measures the area of a bundle of hair in a specific scalp area and provides a number, the Hair Mass Index (HMI), that can be compared from one year to the next. Measurements are made in three specific areas of the scalp and the HMI values are recorded to compare against future or past measurements in the same locations. 

We have found that the using the HairCheck device is ideal in diagnosing the presence of hair loss and tracking the response to medical treatments. The use of the device requires the hair to be at least two inches long in the test area. 

Reasons to have a hair check:

  • Money. 180 billion dollars is spent around the globe annually on hair growth products. A HairCheck readout will accurately inform you about whether your product is working or not.
  • Precision: HairCheck is a patented device that generates a precise, scientific measurement of hair follicles, including both hair loss and/or hair growth on the scalp.
  • Heads Up: Haircheck can accurately detect hair thinning up to 15 years before it’s visible to the naked eye. Armed with the knowledge that hair loss is in your future, you can starting preventative treatment early, and the visible effects of balding can be delayed or even prevented.
  • Ease. Dr. Harris will perform a HairCheck in office in 5 minutes without harming a hair on your head. 

If you’re interested in learning more about the HairCheck device or the HMI and how it might help answer your questions about your hair loss contact the Hair Sciences Center of Colorado at 1.877.694.9381 or contact Dr. Harris directly.