Baldness Blocker.

Finasteride (Propecia® or Proscar®

Available only by prescription the medication is for men and is orally administered. The 1mg dose of Finasteride is simple to take and is easily incorporated into any daily routine, especially if you are also taking other supplements. This medication is a DHT II (dihydrotestosterone II) blocker and decreases the influence of DHT II on male pattern baldness. Research has indicated that approximately 65% of men who take this medication consistently will experience a reduction in hair loss and even re-growth of miniaturized hair.

Finasteride Side Effects

The reported negative side effects of Finasteride are limited to fewer than 2% of patients, which include a drop in libido and occasional erectile dysfunction. If a patient has these side effects we usually suggest taking half the dose (1/2 mg/daily or 1mg every other day).

Proscar® vs. Propecia® 

The biggest difference between Propecia® and Proscar® is that the former is formulated as a 1mg pill and will cost about $80 for 30 pills. The latter is a 5mg formulation and the patient will need to cut the pill into quarters so that the effective dose is approximately 1mg. The prescription for generic Proscar® or Finasteride will cost about $3-$4 /month.

There is a 1mg generic Finasteride tablet available but due to an exclusive manufacturing contract it is still relatively expensive at about $65/month. The price is anticipated to drop substantially within the year.