Hair Sciences Center - A RESTORE Partner

James A Harris MD, FISHRS
Shelly Lovitt, MD
In case of an emergency, call Dr. Harris
at 303-694-9381 Ext. 9


Here are a few final reminders to prepare for tomorrow:

Breakfast – Eat a light breakfast (DO NOT eat/drink anything with high sodium or caffeine). We will provide your lunch.

Hats – Bring an adjustable baseball cap or loose-fitting hat (no “beanie” caps).

Clothing – Wear comfortable clothing and a shirt that buttons down the front. You will be changing into a gown for surgery, but afterwards we don’t want you to pull anything over your head.

Hair Products – Shampoo your hair the morning of surgery. DO NOT apply anything to the hair or scalp after shampooing including medications such as Minoxidil.

Valuables – Do not bring any valuables to the office.

Important for strip graft harvest or non-shave FUE: Prior to surgery you must allow your hair to grow at least 2 inches long on the sides and back.

Important for an FUE with the Artas Robot or a shaved S.A.F.E. System FUE procedure: We will shave the entire donor area (both sides and back of your head) leaving the hair length to 1-2mm. Do not shave your own head as the length required for the robot to “see” the hair is critical. If you cut your hair too short, we will not be able to perform the surgery.

Parking – If you are driving yourself, please park in the garage. The code to get into the garage is #2289.

You should still continue to take anything that is prescribed to you, unless we have asked you otherwise, especially any blood pressure medication.

If you have any questions, call (303) 694-9381.

Thank you in advance for helping ensure a smooth procedure day. We look forward to seeing you tomorrow for your procedure!