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facial hair transplant
facial hair transplant

Facial hair transplant

Imagine Albert Einstein, Burt Reynolds and Salvador Dali without their signature mustaches. Impossible, right? Men have known for centuries that strong facial hair can be a defining feature. Wispy or spotty facial hair can be unattractive, and it’s natural to want a full, lush beard, sideburns or mustache. Fortunately, recent advances in technology make this possible.

What is a facial hair transplant?

Facial hair transplantation is a surgical procedure that restores hair to areas of the face where hair is thin or missing. The procedure can focus on one or more of these facial hair areas: the beard, goatee, mustache, sideburns, cheeks and eyebrows. Facial hair transplants are often pursued to create a more “masculine” look, but may also be used to conceal acne, burn or accident scars.

Just like with in an ordinary hair transplant surgery, the donor hairs are harvested from the back and/or sides of the scalp, or from the beard area, depending on the best match. Dr. Harris employs the Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) method for facial hair transplants.

If your scalp hair is thinning, you may want to avoid a facial hair transplant procedure, because those donor hairs, once removed from your scalp, will no longer be available in future should a hair transplant be needed to address thinning scalp hair or male pattern baldness.

Once transplanted, hairs fall out 2 weeks post surgery, then begin to regrow at around 3 months, after which time the facial hairs will be permanent. They can be shaved or groomed just like the beard, mustache or sideburn hairs that existed prior to the procedure.

Dr. Harris is an internationally renowned hair transplant surgeon and award-winning inventor of next-generation FUE transplant technologies. In 2016 he will continue lecturing at global conferences on FUE innovations and best practices.  View Dr. Harris' curriculum vitae or schedule a consultation with him today. 

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