Erin Parisi:

Climbing Mountains to Break Down Barriers

Actual patient who had a hair transplant.
Founder, TranSending 7

I’ve had a lot to prove in life. As a transgender athlete, I want to show I can do anything I set my mind to—and feel great about myself while doing it. Dr. Harris is an internationally renowned hair transplant surgeon and the inventor of the incredible technology I took advantage of. He was the ultimate partner for this “adventure.”


Hair Matters

Watch how Erin Parisi starts her transition, finds success in hormones, support from her family, and announces her partnership with to become the first trans person to climb the 7 Summits. Learn more about her journey in Westword's article "Erin Parisi is Climbing Out of the Shadows as a Transgender Athlete."

Before and After Surgery





The Procedure

A facial feminization surgery left Parisi with a visible scar from temple to temple, so Dr. Harris performed a follicular unit strip method, in which hair follicles are taken from a non-balding area of the scalp and then transplanted into the thinning spots. She had a second procedure 11 months later to boost the results. The surgeries covered Parisi’s scar and moved her temple hairline forward two inches.

Ask The Experts

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An Interview with Erin

When it comes to courage, determination and energy, Erin Parisi has the market cornered.

Erin trains six days a week, biking, running and lifting weights, to achieve her goal of climbing the highest mountain on every continent. She also makes public presentations and meets with potential sponsors. And she does it all as an openly transgender woman.

So it may be surprising that Erin insists that hair transplantation surgery has been essential to her success.

Without the work of Dr. James Harris and the Hair Sciences Center, Erin says, “I’d never have the confidence to stand up and do those presentations and solicit the sponsors I need to achieve the Seven Summits.”

When Erin began her transition at age 38, she already had a receding hairline. “During my transition, I had facial feminization surgery that left a scar from temple to temple, just within my hairline.”

Unhappy with that scar, Erin consulted a cosmetic surgeon, who recommended she see Dr. Harris at HSC. From the start, Erin says, “I was very comfortable” with the center and Dr. Harris. “I didn’t even get a second opinion. I was confident in Dr. Harris from the first meeting.”

The Hair Sciences Center not only offered Erin the medical expertise she sought, but also the respect she says trans people often don’t find in health care. “We all have the right to expect empathetic and welcoming care, but we don’t always get that. But at HSC, the whole staff is amazing. Everybody uniformly has been so awesome to me.”

Erin credits the Hair Sciences Center and Dr. Harris with putting “the finishing touches” on her appearance. “I’ve had to deconstruct a lot of barriers during this process,” she says. “This is one of those barriers. It might seem small in comparison to climbing mountains but it means everything to me in terms of my confidence. And I wouldn’t go anywhere else for hair transplantation.”

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