Doug Mazza:

Full head of hair. All smiles. Wishes he had done it five years earlier.

Actual patient who had a hair transplant.
Art Director

Doug wanted a full head of hair without having to shave his head or miss more than a day of work. Dr. Harris performed a procedure where hair grafts were taken from the back and sides of the head and transplanted to his thinning areas. The donor area scar is virtually impossible to detect after healing, and new hair grew in naturally.


Hair Matters

Doug discusses how easy his hair transplant procedure was and how choosing to get a hair transplant has elevated his confidence and given him a more youthful appearance.

Before and After Surgery





The Procedure

Dr. Harris performed a Follicular Unit Strip method (FUS). Shaving was not required. The only evidence of surgery was a thin, horizontal line hidden under the hair on the back of his head.

Ask The Experts

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Doug’s Hair Loss Success Story

Approaching 50, a Denver-based art director contacted Hair Sciences Center of Colorado to give him a full head of hair—and a more youthful appearance.

As an art director running his own freelance business, Doug Mazza is used to being in charge. But even the most effective leader can’t always control his hair, and Doug’s was receding rapidly, leaving much of the front of his head bald.

He’d thought about looking into hair restoration options, to hopefully reverse his hair loss, but hadn’t taken any steps yet. Then his barber told him he’d be a perfect candidate for a hair transplant. As luck would have it, a work colleague was connected to Dr. James Harris, Founder and Medical Director of the Hair Sciences Center of Colorado (HSC) in Greenwood Village. Mazza made an appointment.

From the initial consultation, to having a thick head of hair, was a surprisingly easy process. At the first consultation, Dr. Harris answered all of Doug’s questions and discussed his options. Dr. Harris drew a new, suggested frontal hairline on Mazza’s scalp, and they agreed on the updated look. Mazza’s surgery was scheduled for a few months later. “I [wanted] to work with a doctor that I liked and trusted, and I know Dr. Harris is an international leader in this field of medicine,” Mazza says about why he chose HSC to help him.

Dr. Harris thought the best approach to give Mazza the results he wanted was a Follicular Unit Strip (FUS) proce- dure, so named because a small strip of hair is removed from back of the head and the grafts are transplanted onto the balding or thinning areas. The procedure worked perfectly. “Dr. Harris was very open about the process and explained it very well,” Mazza says. “His staff is very professional and caring.”

Mazza was given local anesthesia but wasn’t put under during the painless, daylong surgery. “I went out the next day, after surgery, and people didn't even notice that I had anything done,” he says. About four years later, Mazza repeated the surgery to add more thickness to specific areas. “It was life-changing,” he says today. “I look younger. I feel more confident. I have a great head of hair. And, just feel better about myself.”

Mazza has since recommended Dr. Harris to a number of friends and acquaintances, citing the quick and easy process. There’s no visible scarring on the Doug's scalp, and he finds people are surprised when he tells them he had his hair restored. “I’m incredibly proud of the results...I get compliments on my hair all the time. When I tell them I’ve had a hair replacement surgery, and they can’t get over it,” he says. “It looks incredibly natural.”

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