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Correcting previous hair transpant surgeries
Correcting previous hair transpant surgeries

Correcting previous hair transplant surgeries

Can follicular units be used on people dissatisfied with previous mini/micrograft procedures?

In most cases, yes. Unfortunately, many individuals have had hair restorations with less than satisfactory results. Dr. Harris has developed strategies that can effectively camouflage many of the problems resulting from less-sophisticated procedures. During your consultation, an assessment will be made to determine the number of grafts available, and a plan designed to return you to a natural appearance.

The good news is that there are some positive attributes to mini/micrografting. Dr. Harris is able to combine follicular units with your existing grafts to create the result that you desire. Schedule a consultation with Dr. Harris to discuss your unique circumstances and desired outcome.

With the new follicular unit extraction (FUE) procedure, are you able to harvest from previously used donor areas as well as from already-transplanted hair for greater coverage?

Yes. Dr. Harris has developed procedures to be able to work within previously harvested donor areas, including scar revisions. While every individual's situation is unique, he can often harvest new follicular units from pre-existing plugs.

Is FUE ever used to repair previous mini/micrograft procedures?

FUE is commonly used to remove individual follicular units from the old grafts to give them a more normal appearance. In some instances, such as inappropriately placed grafts, FUE is used to remove all the follicular units to restore a person to a pre-transplant appearance.

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