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Considering hair restoration

Many individuals choose to live with their hair loss, and there are many positive aspects to this decision. First, you will always look normal and natural. Second, there is no chance of disappointment in the outcome of a procedure. And of course, let’s not forget about the financial advantage—you’ll avoid the costs involved. This is also a decision that enables you to change your mind in the future. Once you’ve committed to surgery, there’s no going back.

However, if you are seriously considering hair restoration, let’s look at a number of important issues that will help in your decision-making.

Expertise of the hair transplant surgeon   

When considering hair restoration, your choice of a surgeon is of paramount importance. In sum, look for the following:

  • Make sure the surgeon is among the 10% of hair transplant doctors who are diplomats of the American Board of Hair Restoration Surgery.
  • The surgeon should attend international conferences to keep current on all of the latest technical information, and ask questions from a wide variety of practicing doctors.
  • The surgeon has a decade or more of experience and has performed successful hair restoration procedures on thousands of satisfied patients.
  • The surgeon makes you feel comfortable and at ease.
  • You have access to personalized, individual consultations with the surgeon (not a sales team).
  • You are encouraged to bring a spouse, friend, sibling, parent, or anyone else to the consultation.
  • You receive a thorough explanation of the surgeon’s plan before making a commitment. Will there be transplants? If so, what kind of grafting is planned? How many sessions will be needed to achieve the desired results?
  • The process feels welcoming, informative and relaxed.
  • You are informed of the possible complications of the surgical procedure, or drawbacks of the hair addition you are considering.
  • You are given access to meet and talk with some of the provider’s other clients or patients.
  • You are given plenty of time to read the consent form at your leisure without feeling rushed, and you understand it before signing it.
  • You are allowed to make your decision without feeling pressured by sales tactics.

Your age

Generally speaking, for men, the older one is, the better the candidate for transplantation. This is because the balding pattern is likely to be evident, allowing the surgeon to properly plan for the procedure. This ensures a more positive result.

Age is not as much of a factor for women, whose natural hair loss patterns do not progress in the same way as men’s. Whether or not a woman is a good candidate depends on the characteristics of her donor hair, not her age.

Pharmaceuticals, like Rogaine and Propecia, can be used by males over the age of eighteen. In general, these medications, which seem to be more effective at preserving existing hair than growing new ones, are most beneficial for younger men in the early stages of hair loss

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The cost of a hair restoration procedure

How much can you afford to spend on hair restoration? Costs will vary, depending on the extent of hair loss and the total area involved in the procedure. Find out more about the cost of a hair transplant or get a personalized cost estimate by making an appointment for an evaluation of your hair loss. Learn more about Dr. Harris, read hair transplant reviews of Dr. Harris by actual patients, or ask the experts a question.

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