The Robot of the FUEture
Has Arrived. Meet ARTAS

ARTAS delivers undetectable results

The ARTAS® robot represents the next generation in hair transplant technology. It uses advanced algorithms to make the best selection of follicular units for each individual. Dr. James Harris, founder and Medical Director at the Hair Sciences Center, was the lead consulting physician on the development of this groundbreaking technology. If you are considering an FUE hair transplant, you have come to the right place.

ARTAS hair appThe ARTAS® System is image-guided and algorithm-guided to make the best selection of follicular units for each individual. The follicular unit excision (FUE) process―based on the patented Harris S.A.F.E. System―enables trained physicians to harvest units more rapidly and with significantly lower transection rates than with traditional methods. This integration represents a major advance in the consistent achievement of optimal restoration results.”

– James Harris, MD

As the foremost medical authority on the ARTAS® system, Dr. Harris writes the industry’s most authoritative white papers on ARTAS® technology, and conducts live workshops covering Restoration Robotics’ ARTAS® technology, to train other hair transplant physicians and their staff on best practices. 

What is the ARTAS® Hair App?

Have you ever wondered what you would look like with more hair? Now you can find out. The ARTAS® Hair App enables you to have an online consultation. Simply we take a few photos of your head using your mobile device, and upload them via the app. During the online consultation, we will use the ARTAS® Hair Studio technology to create a customized 3-D simulation of what your post-transplant hair will look like. 


The Technology

The ARTAS® System is an interactive, computer-assisted system utilizing an image-guided robotic device to enhance the quality of hair follicle harvesting. Operated under the direction of a physician, it combines several features:

• an interactive, image-guided robotic arm

• advanced imaging technologies

• small dissecting punches using the proven Harris S.A.F.E. System technology

The procedure begins with the ARTAS system being positioned over the patient’s donor area of the scalp. Sophisticated image processing and control algorithms then guide the physician in identifying and harvesting targeted follicular units. The follicular units are extracted, then stored for implantation according to the physician-designed restoration plan.

The Team

The ARTAS® System is the creation of Restoration Robotics, Inc., the California-based medical device company specializing in hair transplantation technology. The development team is composed of innovators whose talents have pioneered other medical robotics instrumentation, including the daVinci Surgical System. 

Important information if you’re considering an ARTAS® FUE procedure

  1. Your entire donor area will be shaved to a length of 1mm (think electric trimmer with no guard) in order for the robot’s vision system to accurately see the angles and direction of the hair.

  2. Often the recipient sites where the grafts are to be placed are created the day before the actual graft harvest.  This is done for timing considerations but also the transplant area is primed with healing factors for the grafts.

  3. If you’re having a procedure that requires 2000 grafts or more the procedure will be performed over two consecutive days. The reason for this is that procedure can be lengthy and to ensure maximum patient comfort we limit the number of grafts each day. The second reason is that we want to minimize the length of time that the grafts are out of the donor area before implantation. Over the past 7 years working with the ARTAS® system we have found this to work very well for the grafts and the patient.    

  4. You will have small red scabs in both the harvest and transplanted areas. These scabs will resolve in approximately 7-10 days.

  5. In about 10-12 days the hair than remains in the donor area will grow out and start to cover the donor area and the appearance will look as if you have a short haircut.

To learn more on the topic of hair loss and restoration please see the series of informative hair transplant videos made by Dr. Harris or schedule a personalized  consultation.