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Meet Dr. Harris

Internationally renowned hair transplant surgeon. Award-winning inventor. Lead surgeon in the development of ARTAS™ robotic FUE technology. An advocate for patient care who personally consults with all patients and answers your questions.
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HSC’s Dr. James Harris recently discussed FUE hair transplant advances on “The Doctors”

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FUE / 1500 Grafts

FUE / 2800 Grafts

FUE / 1500 Grafts

The Next Generation in Hair Transplant Technology

The world’s first ARTAS® iX Robotic Hair Restoration System was installed at HSC January 2019. Dr. Harris was the lead consulting physician in its development. Learn more >

Hair Sciences Center vs. NeoGraft®
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NEW: Scalp Micropigmentation

A non-invasive treatment using microneedles to deposit tiny dots of pigment into the scalp. The result is the appearance of thicker and fuller hair.
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NEW: HSC Transitions to Graft Implanters

With implanters, the grafts are encased in a sleeve, which protects the follicles as they are positioned at the recipient site. The device allows us to implant the graft without the follicles ever being touched. The result? Healthier follicles, faster recovery, great looking hair.
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NEW: HS Max– Hair Building Fibers

We are now offering HS Max Hair- Building Fibers, a leading topical hair enhancement product.It is an all natural and chemical-free way to instantly make your hair look fuller and thicker. Available in a variety of colors.
Cost: $35 for 6-12 month supply.
Call 303.694.9381 or email to order.
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No-Shave FUE

Our clinic offers No-Shave FUE. An innovative technique pioneered by Dr. Harris, only the donor follicle hairs are trimmed, all other hair remains the same length. A completely normal appearance post-transplant is now possible.

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What's in your head?

You have questions, and we have answers. We’ll give you the facts and debunk the myths surrounding hair loss and restoration at our blog, Hair Matters.™
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Accelerated Surgery

It can take months to get on Dr. Harris’ calendar. But if you’ve had a previous consultation or surgery, we can immediately reserve a surgery date.

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Follicle Banking

Hair cloning shows real promise as a future cure for baldness. But in order to be a candidate, you may need to bank robust follicles.

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New: Save Your Hair

Slow or stop hair loss now! Our new Hair Survival Program saves the hair your have. Easy, effective and proven this is an essential step for anyone who wants to halt hair loss.
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Undetectable Results. That’s Innovative

Slow or stop hair loss now! Our new Hair Survival Program saves the hair your have. Easy, effective and proven this is an essential step for anyone who wants to halt hair loss.
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Hair Loss in Women

Millions of women struggle with mild to severe hair loss. Fortunately, amazing options now exist to treat hair loss in women, solutions that were unthinkable only a few decades ago.

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News & Noteworthy

Dr. Harris and HSC Development, LLC are pleased to announce that Dr. David Zakarias of Hair Hungary in Budapest, Hungary and Dr. Christian Schmitz of Pure Hair in Cologne, Germany are now our Innovation Partners.

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Clinic Special: 65% off Finasteride

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The days of “hair plugs” are long gone. We have pioneered, revolutionized and patented new hair transplant technology that gives you a completely natural result with less down time and discomfort.

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